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Hi there! I’m Aigetsu!!

 こんにちは! 愛月です!


As a web designer,

   I love the challenge of taking complex ideas and turning them into beautiful, user-friendly websites. I have a keen eye for design and a deep understanding of how people interact with technology, which allows me to create websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.



As a jazz singer,

   I love the moment when I am singing a jazz standard at a jazz club while swaying my large earrings, letting the comfortable swinging rhythm take over.
   I believe that jazz is more than just a style of music; it is a form of storytelling that allows me to connect with my audience in a deep and meaningful way.


I also like to blog about philosophy.

 When I am writing a blog post discussing philosophy with a glass of whiskey or a glass of wine in my hand, I am in the most blissful state of mind.

 Human relationships are lonely when we cannot understand each other at a deep level, even if we are within direct range of the other person’s voice and facial expression.

   Even if it is only textual information on a computer screen, when someone expresses deep sympathy for my life-sized words, I instantly feel a sense of peace. For me, it was both a relief and a great discovery.